A Fair Portrayal of Skinhead Culture

A Fair Portrayal of Skinhead Culture

Skinhead Art


Perhaps the most misunderstood subculture of any generation and demonised by the media, this look at Skinhead culture and interview with Gavin Watson is definitely one of the most level headed reads I’ve had on the topic.

Go to BYRONESQUE.COM to read the full piece by Gill Linton from a couple of months ago. There is also a good little playlist included (you can find on our YouTube channel too) chosen by Charlie Henerey who had this to say;

“I was a junior Rude Boy in 1979 during the Two Tone movement, which leaned heavy on the reggae sounds of the late sixties. My sound track is made up of some of the top tracks that the original Skinheads were dancing to in ’68 and ’69. The first track was released in 1969 reaching number 10 in August. Wet Dream gained notoriety due to its sexual content, even though Max Romeo claimed the song was about a leak in his roof! It was only played twice on the BBC before it was banned. No Skinhead Reggae collection would be complete without Derrick Morgan who sang about Rude Boys on Tougher than Tough and went on to record the Skinhead Classic Moon Hop and Man Pon Moon. Derrick Morgan cut his first single in 1959 and has been performing his seminal Reggae songs ever since.”

The article also contains the specially commisioned art work by Street Artist Dan Witzshown below.

Skinhead Art, Dan Witz

If you are the fan of the playlist we have recreated it over on our YouTube channel by clicking HERE (remember to subscribe and check out our other videos).


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