Barraloadasoul – The DVD

Barraloadasoul – The DVD

DVD Barraloadasoul Barrowlands Just a couple of months ago the Barraloadasoul all-dayer hit Glasgow with a bang and those of you that want to look back at it or find out a bit more about the legendary venue are in luck. Filmed at the famous Barrowland Ballroom by the magnificent Afro-Mic Productions (click here for more of their amazing work documenting subcultures) the half hour documentary takes a look at the venue and the people who it means so much to.

The event itself, a culmination of some incredible hard work by a dedicated team who I can’t praise enough, was a rousing success with thousands flocking to the famous Barrowland dance floor to hear some of the best local and UK DJ’s spin some blinding tunes. You can find out a bit more about the event by clicking here and reading our previous post.

The DVD is available to pre-order now and at only £7.99 and having seen some of the marvellous work the team behind it have already done and sampled the night itself I would recommend it to anyone with an interest in

Glasgow, music, subcultures and soul.

Pre-order your copy for release on Friday the 22nd of August now –

Barraloadasoul DVD


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