British Subcultures Playlist

British Subcultures Playlist


Every so often I will be updating and adding to the British Subcultures YouTube channel and in particular this PLAYLIST.

The idea behind this playlist is for you to know what I am listening to and hopefully introduce you to different artists you might not have known about or reacquaint you with classics you might want to dust off.

I hope you can also suggest music as well as let me know what you think of some of the choices I have made too. It is not a definitive list of me claiming these are the greatest recordings ever, sometimes there will be covers and sometimes remixes, again, it is just what I have been listening to.

I will also try to include new or unsigned acts so if you have a band or know of one that you would like to see please get in touch. For these I will also be adding links to their website, facebook, twitter, SoundCloud etc.

Anyway, sit back and enjoy these, let me know what you think over on the Facebook, Twitter or below.

First up is the Tenoshi version of 25 Miles. I first heard this getting played at last years Soul Casino in Glasgow by Eddie Piller and have been enjoying it ever since.

This next song is the 1969 Swan Lake cover by The Cats. This was the first top 50 record for a british Reggae band, it was probably the cover by Madness that led to me hearing this.

Our Love Will Grow is cracking Northern Soul tune by The Showmen. This is in here because the last few nights I have been to this and it has kept growing on me.

This Geno Washington cover of The Precisions ‘If this is Love’ is in here because I am lucky enough to be going to see the great man in Glasgow in a couple of weeks.

The sound quality on the next one is poor but there is a link to finding a better recording of it away from Youtube. It is the PP Arnold and Steve Cradock version of the Small Faces ‘I’m Only Dreaming’. I recorded the sound from this on an iPhone from a laptop while lying in a bath so I might not be getting any sound engineer jobs soon. This version is dynamite though.

Next up is ‘England Belongs to Me’ by Cock Sparrer, a band I have a lot of time for and very fitting and patriotic (on the other side of the border) considering the World Cup is on.

Recorded in ’68, ‘Push Push’ by The Termites is just one of a number of reggae records I could pick from that era. There ill be much more to come from then but enjoy tis first.

Recorded in the early 70′s when the Skinheads had grown into Suedheads this great track by the Wonderful George Dekker is another from a golden age of Reggae.

With a bit of (friendly?) rivalry between Derrick Morgan and Prince Buster some songs were directed at the other camps. This is The Conqueror by Morgan.

This last song is by a young Edinburgh band I saw supporting The Moons in Edinburgh a couple of months back. This song stood out for me and the video has just been released in the last few weeks. The band are Last Minute Glory and you can find out more from them here and here

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