British Subcultures – Who We Are

British Subcultures – Who We Are

The British Subcultures

The whole idea behind this site is for people to use it as a platform for what they want to say. Simple as that.There will always be people in different subcultures who pick flaws in songs and articles that are written, film and TV that is  made and say that it is not their experience and that is their right, everyones experience will be different. We want you to let us know about yours no matter what age you are or where you’re from.

If you have a shop, a brand, write for a living, if you are a musician or a photographer, if you have a blog or just fancy saying something or you have an event to promote then get in touch. Send us an email at

We can get what you have to say out there using our network of social accounts, our wee post about This is England ’90 yesterday got to almost 180,000 in one day on Facebook alone, that’s without even having to pay the penny pinching rascals to boost the post. We’ve already had the opportunity to work with and meet some of the nicest people you can imagine so if you have something to say get involved.

British Subcultures

You can find us on the following sites too so give us a follow and get in touch that way if you want;









Thanks for all the support so far and hopefully we can help more people in the future.

British Subcultures



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