Brutus Trimfit Heritage

Brutus Trimfit Heritage

Brutus Trimfit

Originally launching in 1966, Brutus has been seeing the kind of popularity now that it did in the late sixties through to the seventies when millions of their shirts were sold.

Started by brothers Keith and Alan Freedman the brand was revived in 2009 by Keith’s son Jonathan Freedman and in just a few short years Brutus Trimfit shirts areas popular as they have ever been with shirts selling all over the world, in particular to followers of subcultures.

Brutus Trimfit

Mods, Skinheads and Suedheads have enjoyed the classic button downs and the recent short film that you can see on here,, also shows how popular the style is on the Northern Soul scene too.

The latest is a video directed by Raquel Aly celebrating Brutus Trimfit’s Skinhead heritage and features Sid Ryan from Grade 2 who featured on here a few weeks back. Here is one of the tracks from their recently released EP, Broken Youth.

Collaborating with the likes of Dr Martens and releasing an ever varying range of checked shirts Brutus may have the history and the heritage but it is what is happening now that is exciting.

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