Dollybird Clothing

Dollybird Clothing

Dollybird Clothing

There is nothing like hunting about through a shop or online and finding a hidden gem be it clothes or records but it is not always that easy. Searching through shops can be a laborious process and online shopping on sites like eBay can be a gamble with the condition and sizes often being misrepresented.

One person hoping to change all that for lovers of vintage clothing is Lesley McConnell who has recently launched Dollybird Clothing. We decided to ask her a few questions to find out more about the shop which is already proving to be very popular.

Nicole Bell Photography

Nicole Bell Photography


What made you want to start Dollybird Clothing?

I have been buying and wearing vintage clothes religiously for about the past 3 years now. It’s something that I’m extremely passionate about and I think 60s & 70s clothing is just dreamy. I wanted to start the shop up because it’s something that I enjoy doing and I believe everyone should make room for the things they love in life otherwise what’s the point!

What is it you sell?

I sell vintage clothing, mainly from the 60s and 70s but also other eras. I will also be selling my own handmade 60s inspired dresses.

Who do you see shopping at Dollybird clothing? Vintage loving women of all shapes and sizes!

Why do you think the vintage style is becoming more popular?

I think with the recent return of mod and 60s revival bands over the past couple years it has definitely had an influence on the younger generation.

What is the future for Dollybird Clothing?

More beautiful vintage gems to come. I would also like to be creating 60s reproduction dresses in lots of different styles and if all goes well I’d possibly look into men’s psychedelic shirts as well!

Being able to combine your passion with a great business idea is something that most of us can only dream of and it looks like Dollybird Clothing is destined for bigger and better things. Giving its customers the opportunity to shop for the best, handpicked vintage items is something that has been missing from the market so make sure you follow them over on Facebook at as well as visiting the shop at

Dollybird Clothing


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