For the Love of Mod Tokyo

For the Love of Mod Tokyo

Tokyo Mod Documentary

Having already been a fan of Afro-Mic Productions previous documentaries looking at the Mod scene in London and Glasgow as well as the Barraloadasoul documentary I had high hopes for their latest offering ‘For the Love of Mod – Tokyo’ and I was not disappointed.

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Having the opportunity to look at something so close to so many of our hearts taking place so far away lets you know how special a movement it is. It was great to finally get an insight into the Mod fashion, music and scooter scene over there.

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As ever, the friendly laid back style of Emma-Rosa Dias puts everyone at ease allowing them to open up and give you their personal take on the scene. It was also really interesting to see that the majority of the Japanese Mod scene appears to have originated off the back of the 70’s/80’s UK revival while the fashion is more orientated towards original Mod Style.

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If you have an interest in Mod culture I couldn’t recommend this documentary highly enough to you and if you happen to be in London on Thursday March 26th check out the screening at the Roxy Bar and Screen, for more details on that click here.

If you want to buy the DVD or stream it please visit the links below;

For the Love of Mod – Tokyo DVD

For the Love of Mod  - Tokyo on Vimeo



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