For The Love Of Mod

For The Love Of Mod


For The Love Of Mod Documentary

For people that have an interest in Mod culture the documentary series by Afro-Mic productions is a must. For the Love of Mod carries on the journey of Emma-Rosa Dias from the brilliant Faces in the Crowd documentary at the 2013 Glasgow Mod Weekender, finding out more about Mod culture from the people who live and breath it.

This latest installment takes us to London and lets us find out what it means to the people on the scene from 60′s originals Heather and Mark Matthews and Dena Sprigens to modern Mods such as 14 year old Scarlett Baylis.

We find out more about the style and influence it has had on revivalists like Graeme and Julia and hear from big names on the scene like Eddie Piller who tells us about the differences between the originals and those that pioneered the late seventies, early eighties revival.

Dave Edwards takes us deeper into the music while Nick Robins of the Bar Italia Scooter Club sheds more light on the origins behind the iconic scooters so often associated with the Mod scene.

Both For the Love of Mod and Faces in the Crowd are great opportunities to hear how Modernism has influenced people on a personal level and and it will be great to see how this series continues.

DVD For The Love Of Mod

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