Glasgow Mod Weekender Countdown

Glasgow Mod Weekender Countdown

Glasgow Mod Weekender 2014
You might have read our previous post about the Glasgow Mod Weekender which kicks off with the legendary Geno Washington and the Ram Jam Band on Wednesday the 25th of June until Sunday the 29th with events running right through.

Geno Washington and the Ram Jam Band

We have been fortunate enough to ask one of the men behind it all, Mikey Collins, some questions about the Weekender and the regular club night Tailor Made. You can find out more on the Facebook event page to, just click HERE.


How did Friday Street start up?

We have been involved in the Mod scene since we were teenagers and had put on the odd night over the years with some more successful than others.

My co-promoter Paul Molloy had been living in Leeds since the mid 80’s but moved back to Glasgow and we decided to put on a night in Blackfriars, this was July 2000.

Initially we booked 2 dates to see how things went, both nights were packed and we got a great reaction to the club as there were only a couple of other nights on in Glasgow at the time that played similar music.

We then done a block booking and have kept things going ever since.


Who is all involved in making Friday Street and Tailor Made happen?

Myself and Paul, also Davy Quinn are the DJ’s and promoters.

My good lady Heather does the door at most of our nights and helps out with PR etc, also Andy Boyd and Lesley Sharpe help on an ongoing basis.

Our Facebook site is mainly run by Holly Calder and our designer for flyers, adverts etc is Nic Gemmell.

Glasgow Mod Weekender 2013

You have welcomed a number of guest DJs in the past, is there anyone lined up or people you are hoping to have join the resident DJs soon?

Having 2 or 3 residents at a club is more than plenty, if for any reason someone can’t attend there are always plenty friends willing to help out behind the decks. We operate a policy of always having a guest(s) DJ at all of our nights, that way people that attend are always hearing different styles of music getting played, it helps to keep things fresh. Guest DJ’s for the second part of 2014 at Tailor Made just being finalised at the moment.


How has the transition been to Tailor Made with the change of venue?

It’s been quite difficult to be honest which we always knew it would be, the location of the Barony Bar is one reason, also moving the night from the last Friday (pay weekend) to the second Saturday of the month was always going to have an effect of some sort.

Our numbers have varied from 100 – 250.

On the plus side we don’t get any “normal” punters through the door, anyone that attends is there for the music and not a late night drinking den. The dance floor of any venue is always of massive importance to any decent Mod night and we’ve got an excellent one at the Barony.


How long has the mod weekender been running and how did that come about?

We actually put on 2 weekenders in the early 90’s, both were relatively quiet but it was something we always wanted to try again so with the initial success of Friday Street we put another one on in 2003. We wanted to replicate events that we’d been attending for years in other parts of the UK and Europe and bring like-minded people to Glasgow. In its current format 2014 will be our 12th annual event and it goes from strength to strength every year.

I must give special mention to Nicky Stewart at McChuills who has supported us in more ways than one since we started.

Mod Weekender Glasgow

You had Georgie Fame playing at last years Mod Weekender and Geno Washington this year are there any other acts playing this year and is live music an avenue you want to explore further?

As well as Geno Washington our other live acts this year are Soldier On (Thursday night), The 45’s from Carlisle (Saturday afternoon) and The Beat Movement (Sunday afternoon).

Apart from Geno on the Wednesday night all other bands will be playing in McChuills.

I’m particularly looking forward to seeing The 45’s, young guys aged 15 – 17 who are exceptional musicians and destined for bigger things in my opinion.

We have made it part of the Weekender to always have live bands playing, we also promote a few band nights through the year so it’s something we always want to continue being involved in.


With this years bank holiday Mod Rally being held in Troon and last years in Ayr are their any ideas for another new location for next years event?

We have looked at the possibility of doing something on the east coast of Scotland but to be honest there are so many other nights / events on now that trying to find a suitable date that doesn’t clash with anything else is getting near impossible.

We’ve booked Troon again for 2015 and I can see that growing into something special, we may look at a one off event somewhere else next year, watch this space.


What are your thoughts on the current Glasgow Mod scene and also subcultures in general at the moment?

The Mod scene in Glasgow and the west of Scotland is very healthy at the moment, there are lots of different club nights on the go and also lots of good bands. Every weekend there’s something of interest on and that’s not always been the case.

It’s difficult to comment on other subcultures as I don’t really get involved with anything else outside the Mod scene.


Can you give us 5 songs that you would recommend to our readers?

5 tunes that cover a few different styles are:

Busters All Stars – City Riot

Amanda Humphrey – Dagwood

Kurt Harris – Emperor Of My Baby’s Heart

Richard Kent Style – All Good Things

Manny Corchado Orchestra – Pow Wow

Is there anything else you would like our readers to know?

Just to give a mention to our club night Tailor Made that takes place on the second Saturday of every month in The Barony Bar, also the upcoming Glasgow Mod Weekender (25th – 29th June).

Tailor Made Glasgow

To get a taste of what this years Mod Weekender has in store check out the Faces in the Crowd documentary which was filmed at last years event.

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