Happy Birthday Afro-Mic Productions

Happy Birthday Afro-Mic Productions

Afro Mic

We are happy to wish the brilliant Emma-Rosa Dias and all of her wonderful crew at Afro-Mic Productions a happy first birthday. If you have an interest in Subcultures you might have already seen some of their work with the great Faces in the Crowd and For the Love of Mod documentaries as well as their latest offering Barraloadasoul which documents the famous Glasgow Barrowland Ballroom and the wonderful Barraloadasoul event which has been covered on here.

Afromic Productions

Truly lovely people who have created some fantastic films which we would highly recommend. To celebrate their first birthday they have launched their own site which we would ask you to visit by clicking HERE.

Keep up to date with them on Facebook and Twitter because there is bound to be something else just around the corner which we know will be just as brilliant as their other work.

Happy Birthday guys, here’s to many more!

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