Hard & Smart – Alternative Fashion Blog

Hard & Smart – Alternative Fashion Blog

Hard and Smart Alternative Fashion Blog

For a while now one of my ‘go to’ blogs has been Hard & Smart – Alternative Fashion Blog. Covering the latest news from most of the top brands that find themselves with a Subculture audience, I’ve found it to be a great place to go and read a little more about a new collection, new release, brand or the occasional band and more often than not it’s the first place I will have seen it.

Skinhead, Mod, Casual fashion blog

The blog is run, written and maintained by the multi-talented 22 year old Irati from Manchester who is currently studying fashion. Unlike most blogs being run by fashion students this covers street style and subculture fashions from Mod to Skinhead to Casual with everything in between. Brands like Baracuta, Ben Sherman, Fred Perry, Mikkel Rude, Pretty Green, Hot Shot Wear and Weekend Offender are just some of the many covered.

Subcuulture Fashion Blog

I would recommend having a read and bookmarking it because it’s updated regularly considering it is just one person working on it. It’s also good for giving you a heads up about new releases as well as breaking news and there are some really interesting posts covering the history of certain brands as well as some subculture fashion staples like the Parka and Harrington jackets. If you are going to be visiting Barcelona, London, Madrid or Paris anytime soon take a look at the city guides which give a comprehensive run down of the best shops to visit including the big brands and smaller independents

If you are interested in finding out a bit more here are a few links that you might find useful.

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