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Hot Shot Wear

Hot Shot Wear

It is always great to see how British Subcultures have reached other countries and how passionate the people involved are. One great example of this is Hot Shot Wear from Poland. I first found them after seeing their wonderful T-shirt designs being worn and inquiring as to where they came from. You can buy Hot Shot T Shirts at Dead End St subculture clothing.

I Caught up with Irek from Hot Shot to Ask a few more questions about the brand.

Hot Shot Wear


How long has Hot Shot Wear been going?

Hot Shot Wear is a very young brand. We started in January 2012, so it’s the beginning of our adventure with a clothing business. However, I think we used this time well. From the very first day we knew exactly what we wanted and how to do it. We wanted to produce top quality t-shirts with designs from artists from all over the world, but only with artists who love Jamaican music as much as we do. To this day we worked with Yauhen Zavadski from Belarus and Ricardo Embassy King from Mexico, I’m sure that we will do some new projects with them.


You have a great range of T-shirts for men and women will there be a children’s range at any point?
Good question, we need to think about that. Reggae t-shirts for new generation.

Hot Shot Wear


As well as selling T shirts and braces we noticed you are also selling music, is that a direction you would like to expand on?

At Hot Shot Wear we produce entirely our T-shirts. Because that way we are sure that we can offer great quality products. On our website we are also selling shirts and braces made by the Mexican company Upsett Clothes. They started almost at the same time as Hot Shot Wear and we are trying to work together and help each other.

And back to your question it’s all about the music, we started this company because we love Jamaican music so definitely we want expand in this way to sell more great music. Besides selling music we are also organize ska/reggae gigs and events. So we are completely absorbed by music.

Hot Shot Wear


You are based in Poland but would you say your customers are spread across the world or do you concentrate on selling in your home country?

We are based in Poland but our customers are from all over the world. From the beginning we wanted to reach with our t-shirts to every possible place. But what happened surprised even us, our firsts orders were from Russia and United States and now I think it could be easier to say where we didn’t send Hot Shot Wear Tees than where we send.


Are your shirts available in any shops or only online?

Our t-shirts are available from our web site HERE. And in a few Days they are also available in London based ‘Oi Oi The Shop’.


Are there any future plans to expand on products?

We have plenty of plans for the future of Hot Shot Wear. For sure you will hear about us. Definitely, we will make more t-shirts with the cooperation of some great designers.


Finally, could you give us 5 songs that you would recommend for our readers?

To take advantage of this opportunity I would like to recommend songs of today bands and musicians who in my opinion deserve more attention.


xRobBlack ‘Soul Snack’

Great instrumental tune. It’s almost hard to believe that this wasn’t recorded in 1969 in Great Britain but in Poland a few years ago. I’m sure that you will hear more about xRobBlack in the future.















Keyser Soze ‘Catch Your Breath’

This band from Reno is definitely worthy of attention, they sound supreme on records and ever better on stage. They will be in Europe in the Autumn so don’t miss them.

Hypocondriacs ‘Cook’em Up’
From two weeks we have listened to two albums in our car, Hypocondriacs and The Upsttemians. And ‘Cook’em Up’ is song that we sing along to with Ania.

Masons Arms – Maedchen Nr.1
My favourite reggae band from Germany.

Soul Radics ‘No Fool’
And last but not least our friends from Soul Radics. We had the pleasure to organise Soul Radics New Year’s Eve gig in Łódź. They are great people and they are awesome on stage.

You can keep up to date with everything new from Hot Shot Wear here on their;




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