Inspiral Carpets Release & Northern Soul Culture

Inspiral Carpets Release & Northern Soul Culture

Northern Soul Inspiral Carpets


With the recent release of the Northern Soul movie, the scene is enjoying a popularity it won’t have seen in some years and we are seeing more and more imagery creeping into popular culture. Fred Perry and more recently Pretty Green have incorporated it into collections recently as well.

Of course there will always be some who don’t like to see their thing being shown in the limelight, but it has and will always happen so maybe it is time to embrace this appreciation of a  great subculture.

The soon to be released ‘Let You Down’ from the legendary Inspiral Carpets features Northern Soul dancing as you can see from the preview below and I can’t wait to see the whole thing. Follow them on Facebook here for more info and sneak peaks before the video release on Monday.

The recent Shredded Wheat advert also paid tribute to a scene that is seeing more and more interest from younger generations.

But it’s not the first time it has happened, just a few years ago Duffy and Moloko (directed by Northern Soul’s Elaine Constantine) both used Northern Soul style dancing in their videos and more recently John Newman did too, not to mention Pharrells global smash, Happy.

While they may not be to every soul purists taste at least there is a nod of recognition to a culture and music that is once again at the forefront of style.

Remember if you want to get a taste of what Northern Soul is all about you can have a listen to our playlist and please remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel while you listen.

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