Keep Your Eye Out For Modfather Clothing

Keep Your Eye Out For Modfather Clothing

Modfather Clothing

Our friends over at Modfather Clothing in Camden have got some pretty exciting events and releases coming up soon so we thought we would let you know about some of them.

Anytime I’m lucky enough to be down in London I always try to pop my head in, see what’s new and am always greeted by the warmest reception. A great family run shop well worth checking out if you are down that way but I know that isn’t always the case with our readers coming from all over the world.

We thought we would start by looking at a Modfather release that you can take advantage of no matter where you are. The brilliant Brutus Trimfit are rereleasing the original Dr Marten collaboration as well as a new design, you can preorder here for a March 1st dispatch but be quick because they tend to sell out quickly.

Modfather Brutus

The March of the Mods event is also swinging past Modfather soon so if you want more details on how you can attend or win the scooter pictured below just click here.



Finally you can find out a bit more about the Modfather 3rd birthday bash here. With a load of top bands and Djs this is one you won’t want to miss.


You can follow Modfather Clothing on the following links to find out about other events, promotions and releases as well as all the great instore DJ sets and live performances that happen throughout the year.






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