Mens Fred Perry Spring/Summer ’15

Mens Fred Perry Spring/Summer ’15

Fred Perry Spring Summer 2015

As the winter sales start to finish (there are still plenty of bargains still to be had) it’s time to look forward to what the summer will be bringing and we thought we’d start with one of our old favourites, Fred Perry.

Though January is a notoriously long month with everyone having spent their fair share on Christmas presents and nights out it is also one of the best times of the year to get some deals but if you have one eye on the summer some of Fred Perry’s Spring/Summer collection might catch your eye as well as some more stunning reissues.

In stark contrast with their recent neon range, this collection is very understated with an early 60′s Mod feel to it. There are definitely one or two pieces that we have our eyes on but here is a a small selection below to feast your eyes on for now. You can read more about Fred Perry here, take a look at the Women’s Spring/Summer collection here or visit there site to see the whole range.

Fred-Perry-Laurel-Spring-2015-2-0-300x450Fred-Perry-Laurel-Spring-2015-2-2-300x450 Fred-Perry-Laurel-Spring-2015-2-3-300x450 Fred-Perry-Laurel-Spring-2015-3-1-300x450Fred-Perry-Laurel-Spring-2015-3-2-300x450 Fred-Perry-Laurel-Spring-2015-3-3-300x450 Fred-Perry-Laurel-Spring-2015-3-4-300x450 Fred-Perry-Laurel-Spring-2015-4-0-300x450 Fred-Perry-Laurel-Spring-2015-4-1-300x450 Fred-Perry-Laurel-Spring-2015-4-2-300x450 Fred-Perry-Laurel-Spring-2015-4-3-300x450Fred-Perry-Laurel-Spring-2015-3-0-300x450K4148_760_2M4127_143_2fplw-ss15-1-675x450fplw-ss15-2-675x450fplw-ss15-3-675x450fplw-ss15-4-675x450



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