Modfather Competition and New Brutus Release

Modfather Competition and New Brutus Release

Modfather Camden

Christmas is coming up so there will be plenty of rushing about to get presents sorted but it also means the sales will be starting soon so we will be keeping a keen eye out for some of the best and letting you know.

In the meantime our friends over at Modfather Clothing have let us know about a couple of things you might be interested in. First is a great competition that they are running on their facebook page to celebrate over 10,000 people sharing our opinion that they are, not only some of the nicest people you will ever meet (pop into their shop next time you are in Camden and see what I mean) but also one of the best shops in London.

Here are the full terms and conditions of the competition from Modfather Clothing themselves;


“The Modfather Clothing Facebook page has just gone over the 10,000 followers & so we’ve decided to run our first ever competition on the page, which comes with some pretty decent prizes.

As with most Facebook competitions, it’s going to be a photo competition, with the winner being determined by photo likes….but we thought we would add a twist to the traditional format.

*We define ourselves as the British a Heritage Lifestyle Outfitters. In our first ever advert we stared that whether you’re a mod, skinhead, rudeboy, or scooterist, Modfather Clothing have the threads you need to live the life you want to lead.

So we’re asking you to send us the image that best defines your way of life. Be it your scooter club, an image from your youth, your scooter collection, record collection, you in your finest threads, or an image from a day at Modfather Clothing.

The winner’s image will feature in our full page Scootering magazine advert…..but that’s not all!

(1st Prize)

Two tickets to The British Summertime Festival in 2015 featuring The Who, Paul Weller & Jonny Marr.

London, Hyde Park The Who Paule Weller


(2nd Prize)

Your choice of one of the following;

Merc Harrington Jacket (r.r.p £90).

Alpha Industries MA1 Jacket (r.r.p£110).

2 men’s, or women’s Brutus Trimfit Shirts of your choice.

(r.r.p £110).

Merc Harrington Alpha Industries Black MA1










(3rd Prize)

£60 worth of Modfather Clothing Gift Vouchers & 2 tickets to the shops 3rd Birthday Party on Saturday 28th February.

Modfather Gift Vouchers

The Rules of the Competition

All images must be sent to us by Monday December 8th, at which time the photos will be put in an competition album on our Facebook page. You can promote your image by sharing the Modfather Clothing Facebook page & spreading the word of Mod. Once we’ve set up the album voting will commence from Monday December 8th until the competition closes on January 31st 2015.”


A nice and simple competition for you to enter if you are on Facebook and all you have to do is encourage your friends to like your picture when Modfather put the album up. (If you plan to share your photo here is a wee tip,  ensure that any likes it gets go to the competition photo that is in the Modfather Clothing album on their page rather than an image on your page or it might not show up and be counted.) Go HERE to enter.

As if that is not enough Modfather also have the latest Brutus Trimfit shirts available on preorder which will be delivered on December 1st which is perfect for any Christmas gifts that you are planning. There is a choice of short or long sleeved as well as men’s or women’s fit  for the full range you can CLICK HERE.

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For more details on how you can get in touch with Modfather Clothing here are a couple of handy links for you;

Modfather Facebook

Modfather Twitter


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