New Brutus Collection

New Brutus Collection

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In the last couple of years we have seen Brutus Trimfit relaunch the iconic brand and quickly cement itself as one of the top button downs on the market. With a strong history in subcultures the new designs have been embraced throughout Mod, Skinhead and Northern Soul followers and their new collection looks like it could be one of their most succesful to date.

Having already launched extremely succesful collaborations with Dr Martens, September 1st sees the release date of their new collection. The interesting news for this release is that it also sees the ladies Brutus Trifmit as Brutus broaden their horizons and embrace the growing number of women who had been buying their shirts aswell.

Brutus Dr Martens Ladies Yellow / Oxblood Tartan Trimfit Short Sleeve Shirt Brutus Dr Martens Ladies Oxblood / Yellow Tartan Trimfit Short Sleeve Shirt

Another Brutus launch due for August 18th celebrates the famous  Jamaican Rude Boy culture that had such a heavy influence on early British Subcultures. Brutus have reworked the Jamaican colours into their traditional design in what is, for me, one of the most exciting releases to date from them. As well as coming in both mens and ladies fits, the shirt will be available in both short and long sleeves.

Brutus Jamaican Ladies Tartan Trimfit Short Sleeve Shirt


With very limited numbers available, our friends over at Modfather Clothing in Camden are offering a pre order making sure that you don’t miss out and you have the shirt on your doorstep with their usual prompt service. We would advise you to get in fast as the last pre-sale sold out quickly. Just CLICK HERE to visit their site and order now to avoid disappointment.

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