Nicole Bell Photography

Nicole Bell Photography

Nicole Bell Photography

Photography is becoming more accessible with social media relying quite heavily on both professional and amateur work. Where it would have been quite difficult for an artist to get their work seen by a wider public this is making it easier which will hopefully result in more great work in the future.

As far as photography in the world of Subcultures the likes of Gavin Watson and his original work capturing Skinheads in the eighties is a great benchmark to compare work. Other great work worth checking out includes Brian Cannon’s Northern Soul – Photographic Journey and Martyn Johnson’s Souled on Soul collections.

We have been lucky enough to catch up with a rising star of the photographic world, Nicole Bell, whose own personal interest in subcultures  can be seen influencing her work.

Nicole Bell

When did you first get into photography?

I’ve always known that I wanted to work in the Creative Industry. I don’t have the patience to work somewhere like an office or small location. I can’t sit still for long so to find a profession that allows me to travel all the time is perfect, you’re never really in the same spot for too long and every shoot is different. I found that I had an interest in photography when I was about fourteen, and I just stuck with it.

Is it something you plan to do as a profession?

I hope so! I’ve spent the last three years studying photography and I’ve just applied to study for a Bachelor of Arts. After that, I’m hoping to take it up as a full time job and I’m working on my website just now.

What direction would you like for your photography, fashion, portraits etc?

I’m really into both fashion and portraiture. I love working with people so I’m happy on a shoot with someone to keep me company. Anything that involves other creatives is a yes in my book, but portraiture is my main key.

Nicole Bell Mods

A lot of your work is subculture related, how did you get into that?

Subcultures have always been a part of my life, and you don’t see a lot of professional photography that shows them off, so I decided to make it my thing. It’s really important for me to create work that shows me off as a person, and documenting subcultures gives me the chance to show it off to the rest of the world.

Is that something that you will focus on in the future?

Definitely! My latest project, Mods & Rockers, is a lifelong project. I’ll always try and add a little touch of subculture to my images, to keep them recognisable as my own work.

Nicole Bell Rockers

Is there anything or anyone that you aspire to photograph?

The majority my images that I’ve shot so far are based between Glasgow and Edinburgh. I’d love to travel and meet other people with similar interests. I’m close with a lot of the people that I photographed for Mods & Rockers, so my main aspiration is to find people all over the world to add to my project.

Is there anything else you want to add for our readers?

If you want to see my work or get in touch, visit

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