Northern Soul Bidding War

Northern Soul Bidding War

Open The Door To Your Heart

The bidding has finished on one of the rarest records in existence, Darrell Bank’s ‘Open the Door to your Heart/Our Love’ 45. Thought not to exist for 48 years.

The London Records pressing is believed to be the only one in existence with origonals destroyed when EMI won the rights to release it in 1966. The owner had already turned down an immediate bid of £10,000 which appears to have been a wise move.

The record was Banks’ only hit and got to No.2 in the US R&B charts before he was sadly shot by an off duty police man who had been having an affair with Banks’ girlfriend at the time.

Reaching an incredible £14543, we would like to send our congratulations to the winning bidder and hope you enjoy every second of listening to it.

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