Northern Soul Film Events

Northern Soul Film Events

Northern Soul The Film

Exciting news for everyone eagerly awaiting the Northern Soul Film with a number of events being announced up and down the country to celebrate the release of the soundtrack. You can find out more by following their Facebook page, Click HERE.

Here is what they have to say about what is happening;

All-Weeker events happening between the 7th and the 14th SEPTEMBER in celebration of the release of the Soundtrack for Northern Soul the Film : 

Sun 7th Morecambe – Vintage By The Sea Festival Richard Searling’s Northern Soul Room
Sun 7 Peebles Scottish True Soul Weekender (Nr Edinburg)

Weds 10th Leeds Central

Friday 12th Rhyl (Wigan Casino Anniversary) Weekender
Friday 12th Worksop Soul At The Swan
Friday 12th Redditch Soul And Motown Night (near Birmingham)
Friday 12th Soul At The Pie Hall nr Huddersfield.
Friday 12th Holbeach Hot Wax Soul Club Lincs
Friday 12th Sensible Soul Hove near Brighton

Sat 13th Wolverhampton Goodyears Soul
Sat 13th Rugby All-nighter
Sat 13th Blackpool Tower Wigan Reunion All-nighter
Sat 13th Portsmouth Blue Lagoon
Sat 13th Kingston Soul Club Mini-Dayer
Sat 13th Chesterfield Northwings Northern Soul Night
Sat 13th Faithful City Soul At Archdales near Worcester
Sat 13th Manchester, Cheetham Hill Irish Centre – Soul Nite
Sat 13th London Hole In The Wall ClubSat 13th Dundee Northern Soul Oldies Club (TBC)

Sun 14th Manchester Twisted Wheel Club at Alter Ego Sunday Soul”

The Northern Soul Film


Remember if you want to here a compilation of the soundtrack you can listen to it on our Youtube channel just click HERE or you can find out details of how to order it HERE.

The film is due to be released in cinemas across the country on October 17th and here are the participating cinemas and dates -

Ambleside, Zeffirellis – 17/10/2014
Belfast, Queen’s Film Theatre – 17/10/2014
Belper, Ritz – 17/10/2014
Birmingham, MAC – 17/10/2014
Blackpool , The Opera House Cinema – 17/10/2014
Bluewater, Showcase – 18/10/2014
Bradford, Pictureville – 17/10/2014
Bristol, Watershed – 17/10/2014
Bristol Cinema de Lux, Showcase – 18/10/2014
Burnley, Reel – 17/10/2014
Bury St Edmunds, Abbeygate – 17/10/2014
Cardiff, Showcase – 18/10/2014
Cleethorpes, Parkway Cinema – 17/10/2014
Cork, Triskel Arts Centre – 19/10/2014
Coventry, Showcase – 18/10/2014
Derby, QUAD – 17/10/2014
Derby Cinema de Lux, Showcase – 18/10/2014
Dudley, Showcase – 18/10/2014
Glasgow, Glasgow Film Theatre (GFT) – 22/10/2014
Glasgow, Showcase – 18/10/2014
Hebden Bridge, Picture House – 22/10/2014
Hull, Reel – 17/10/2014
IFI, Dublin – 17/10/2014
Inverness , Eden Court – 17/10/2014
Lancaster, The Dukes – 19/10/2014
Leeds, Hyde Park Picture House – 17/10/2014
Leeds, Showcase – 18/10/2014
Leicester, Phoenix – 20/10/2014
Leicester Cinema de Lux , Showcase – 18/10/2014
Liverpool, Picturehouse at FACT – 19/10/2014
London, Curzon Victoria – 17/10/2014
London, Rio Cinema Dalston – 18/10/2014
Lowestoft, Marina Theatre – 18/10/2014
Manchester, Cornerhouse – 17/10/2014
Morecombe, Reel – 17/10/2014
New Brighton, Light Cinemas – 17/10/2014
Newcastle, Tyneside – 17/10/2014
Norwich, CinemaCity – 17/10/2014
Nottingham, Broadway – 17/10/2014
Nottingham, Showcase – 18/10/2014
Oswestry, Kinokulture – 17/10/2014
Paisley, Showcase – 18/10/2014
Peterborough, Showcase – 18/10/2014
Reading, Showcase – 18/10/2014
Sheffield, Showroom – 17/10/2014
Shrewsbury, Cinema in the Square – 17/10/2014
Stockton -Teeside, Showcase – 18/10/2014
Walsall, Showcase – 18/10/2014
Wigan, Empire – 17/10/2014
Wolverhampton, Light House – 17/10/2014
York, Reel – 17/10/2014

Clicke HERE for details on how to book your tickets.

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