Northern Soul: Living For The Weekend

Northern Soul: Living For The Weekend

Northern Soul Documentary

Next friday, BBC 4, 9:30 (we believe just check to be sure). The latest Northern Soul documentary by the ‘Somethin’ Else’ production company gets an airing.

While many on the scene may be rolling their eyes at yet another documentary talking about their thing, with the rising popularity once more of Northern Soul it is bound to be popular and widely discussed.

With the imminent realse of the Northern Soul Film, director Elaine Constantine features, as does musician and one of the stars of the film Lisa Stansfield among a list of Northern Soul DJs including Ian Levine, Kev Roberts, Ian Dewhirst, Richard Searling and Colin Curtis.

I am sure people will moan as much as I am sure people will enjoy it but the best thing to do is probably to reserve judgement until it’s actually been aired, it’s better than wathing TOWIE or Big Brother anyway.

Northern Soul Dancing

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