Soul Shakedown – Northern Soul Playlist

Soul Shakedown – Northern Soul Playlist

Northern Soul Playlist

There are plenty of great Northern Soul Playlists out there to get you through but we thought we would ask and harass some people with impeccable taste to give us a list of just 5 tracks to compile into one overall playlist, the British Subcultures Soul Shake Down.

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Northern Soul Art


Ethan Howarth – Instagram Fxck3than

Lester Tipton – This Won’t Change

Lonnie Ross – Say Girl

Sam ward – Sister Lee

Johnny Mae Matthews – I Have No Choice

Jack Montgomery – Dearly Beloved


Ben Adlam – Dj Agent Badlam

Watson & Williams – Too Late

The MVP’s – Turnin’ My Heartbeat Up

Cliff Nobles – Love Is Alright

The Flirtations – Nothing But A Heartache

Major Lance – You Don’t Want Me No More


Sarina Reuben

Jackie Wilson – The Who Who Song

Spencer Wiggins – Let’s Talk it over

The Metros – Since I Found My Baby

Melba Moore – The Magic Touch

Frankie Beverly & The Butlers – If That’s What You wanted


Martyn Johnson – Souled on Soul Photography

Prove it to me – Garnet Mimms

Soul Self Satisfaction – Earl Jackson

Lay This Burden Down – Mary Love

What More Do You Want – Gene Toones

Just Another Girl – The Four Pro’s


Art Northern Soul


Mart Jones – Northern Soul Towels

Frank Beverley -If That’s What You Wanted

Sam Fletcher – I’d Think It Over

Calvin Williams – Lonely You’ll Be

Valentinos – Lets Get Together

The Van-Dykes – Save My Love For a Rainy Day


Alistair Lyon – Studio Soul

Harold Melvin – Get Out

The Precisions -If This Is Love

Chuck Jackson – Hand It Over

The Vibrations – Cause Your Mine

Billy Keene – Wishing and Hoping


Chris Wardle

Tears of Joy – Ray Merrell

Gone with the Wind is my Love – Rita & the Tiaras
Magic Carpet Ride – Kiki Dee
Stop and you will become aware – Helen Shapiro
This gets to me – Pookie Hudson


Louise Clark Davies – Instagram

Thanks Mister Postman – Bobby King
Get Down With It – Bobby Marchan
Misery – The Dynamics
Don’t Pity Me – Joannie Sommers
I’m Shakin’ – Little Willie John


Jillian Charnley

Ruby Andrews – Just Loving You

Duke Browner – Crying Over You

Laura Green – Moonlight, Music aand You

Tiny Topsy – Just a Little Bit

Eddie Holman – I Surrender



Owen Philips-Bolton – Instagram

Carl Spencer – Cover Girl

The Boss-Men – Gonna Walk Away

Del-Tours – Sweet And Lovely

Dennis Landry – Miss hard to Get

Calvin Turner – After All



Craig Jardine

Benny Troy – I wanna give you tomorrow

Tommy Dodson – One day love

Gwen Owens – Just say you’re wanted (and needed)

Frank Wilson – Do i love you (indeed I do)

Paul Anka – When We Get There


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  1. 1
    ian clark

    under rated northern classics…..
    rufus woods..before 2001
    sam those dreams..
    webs..little girlblue
    del rays .destination unknown
    Martha starr..swet temptation.
    moses smith..try my love…..right on

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