Pretty Green Northern Soul Collection

Pretty Green Northern Soul Collection

The last few years has seen the popularity of Northern Soul sky rocket. Films, Documentaries, photography and fashion, we’ve seen it all, and while some purists will want it to slink back into the underground the chances of that happening are pretty unlikely.

The latest brand to try their hand at recapturing/reinventing the style is Pretty Green. Their new A/W15 Northern Soul Collection is accompanied by some pretty good short films that you will be able to see below.

Pretty Green Northern Soul

The first is pretty much just an advert showcasing the new collection; the next is an interview with photographer Brian Cannon which is brilliant. He not only talks about his work capturing the Northern Soul scene but also covers some of the album sleeve work he’s done including The Verve and Oasis. The final film talks to a couple of young guys on the Northern Soul scene at the moment. You’ll never capture what Northern means to so many people in one short interview but it’s good hearing about how they got into it and their experiences.

Northern Soul Photos Brian Cannon

Personally speaking I like the collection, there’s a few pieces in there that I wouldn’t mind but as you might expect of Pretty Green the prices are quite high. Subcultures may have started out in the working class but you have to work pretty fucking hard to feel ok about paying £60+ for a t-shirt (or am I just being old and miserly). One good thing will be that not everyone will nip out and buy it all so there will be a touch of exclusivity about it at that price. If you want to see more of the products just click the image of the shirt below.

Northern Soul Pretty Green Brian Cannon

Anyway, here are the films. Thanks for visiting The British Subcultures and please take a look about. If you have a brand, event, film, band or anything else you think will fit in here give us a shout and we’ll be happy to get it out there for you.




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    Dave Molloy

    Your quite right to state that we thought we had seen it all . Unless , however you actually lived through its great, great glorious, manic ,uptempo heyday and really did see it all ..including a night at Wigan nick ,being a good advertisement for a loyal teenage rebelious soul brother by keeping me mouth shut and maintaining my “Soul Cool”… and then some…
    I have to say though … That although the music speaks for itself and was always number one on my agenda , and to be fair ,on most other soul lovers priority to do list…All else was coincidental and just added to the hipness that came with being in with the in crowd and secret agent like lifestyle, that 99.9% of the uk population didn’t really know exsisted .
    The other .1% Hated what they knew of it …” Bunch o queers ,dancin t’ nigga music on heroin ”
    The last qoute show’s you how different the world we lived in was in the early to mid 1970s..
    Thats something, that is the one thing I find difficult to make people of younger generations understand ,when being questioned about the scene .
    When the media did show any interest in our scene .. I think it was just as a filler for a regional tv station or to put on page 18 of the dailys ..I think the 1st serious attempt to bring our scene to the masses was in 1975 when Radio one turned up at the Casino for thier Saturday afternoon Insight programe, and interviewd a few people who’s opinions were slotted in amongst Some half decent observations by the researchers of said show. (shit just remembered that article in the Sunday Observer colour supplement that came free with the broadsheet newspaper) .unsure which was 1st. Either way… I do recall the radio 1 show comparing Wigan’s Ovation “Skiing in the snow ” to the superb Dynavoice dancer by The Invitations …but just like those dreadful star jumpers and Paul Burnett’s Saturday slot… It didn’t really affect our weekends in the long term…
    Granada TVs1977 documentary This England of course did have an impact.. Although most of the crowd that night spent the night dodging the cameras glare and chance to get thier 5mins of fame. ..It came at a time when Saturday night attendance’s at the Casino Club was not what it had been ..Dave Withers gave a good account of how most of us felt at the time and within 3 months of it airing the crowd started to peak at around 1500 again..
    Those in the know however that most of the divs arriving on the scene where at best 12 month wonder boy’s with little or no deep love or knowledge of our beloved music… They came in thier Ali Babba “Soul” bags , white socks, and sandwiches for energy to flick flack cossack style to thier favoured white pop stomper type of music ….only to dissapear just as quickly mumbling its not as good as it was…. Those that stayed were the next generation and would witness a renaissance in the style of northern soul being played, which many agree ,musically was the Casinos finest hours ..Much of the credit has to go to DJ Richard Searling and his Stirling mix of super rare 70s and 60s discoveries…
    Its closure saw another drop off of punters with no regular Sat nighter to go to ..
    Enter Top of the World , Newport St Stafford.. The subject of the next big attempt by Ch 4 to delve in to the scene .. Thus another generation of soul fans appeared.and up until about 10 Years ago were still regular attendees of all nighter ….
    Fast forward to the 90s the books began to appear and did on the whole get better with time , plays were now being scripted rare northern soul could be heard on cat food commercials , KFC , insurance companies and many more wanted in , Programme’s like Heartbeat , Coronation Street and many more were bringing songs into our living rooms that we would Hitchike 300 miles to hear at 4:30 in the morning ..Inevitably The Movie …Love it or hate it ..It was the truest and most accurate account of the scene we could of hoped for and was done with love and very little financial reward . So to Elaine Constantine …a huge right on X
    So it comes down to money and is it a jump on the monetary band wagon or do they love the music that much It feels like it’s the least they could do for the northern soul yuppie…. I don’t begrudge any one seeing a niech in the market and making some bread but hey…£60 for a Tee shirt that is taking the piss but who am i …I sort of know Brian , he gave an interview to my son , that I am eternally grateful for ….I Know about his work with Oasis and have seen some of his stunning images of today’s NS scene.
    That said I can’t help thinking if i saw a book full of 50- 60 something yr olds dancing off thier tits on gear (if you could call it that) as a young teen . I would of been totally horrified as it is everything i never hoped it would be… An Embarrassing joke…getting old sure does suck…I do know however it’ll probably sell quicker and in volume than I can dance… Anyway (fuck me i was only gonna write a few lines of txt ) I’ll say this the media coverage over the years largely made us look quite sad …even i fell under the BBC’s spell in the early 90s an attempt to right the injustices we had been dealt over the decades …Don’t think i scored to highly tho….I do believe they never did harm to the the scene , just our ego’s
    To all you cat’s jumping on the proverbial without one single fuck given to our scene and its history or the brothers and sister’s and The wonderful talented black Americans who gave us the music…. You can stick your tee shirts regardless of how smart they may appear where the Casino doesn’t stand… As for some of the cheaper but far tackier items ive seen
    I hope you lost money ..cos it aint the media thats made a laughing stock of us it’s you. ..To finish i would just like to add Im glad to be semi retired from the scene as it would be a absolute tragedy for a scene that plays some of the most uplifting and joyous music ever to die with our generation….. And that’s what it has always been about..
    Cheers ………..Dave “soul twat” Molloy ..and then some
    Ps I’ve just done some tee shirts available from my email address For the bargain price of £59.99….just kidding

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    Tyree Glenn Jr.

    Hi Everybody, Let me introduce myself: My name is Tyree Glenn Jr. and I am a R & B Artist based in Germany from New York City! Now when I say “R &B” from the 50′s-60′s-70′s etc., I WAS THERE!! ;-) At 75, I am still going strong here in Germany with my very strong R & B Band of over 30 years! I was recently informed that an “R & B” song that I wrote and recorded back in 1963: “Yesterday”, and sung by my late friend, Wayne Bartlett, is being played over there on the “Northern Soul Circuit”, and is getting a lot of nice “Feedback”!! I have always wanted to perform my show in England but up to now, have never had the chance or the contacts before!! Being a Singer, Saxophonist and Entertainer, perhaps now would be the time to perform “Yesterday” and my “R & B Show”, along with my band: Tyree Glenn Jr’s Rhythm and Blues Express”!! I would love to make contact with some Clubs, Agents and Promoters there, to organize a little “Tour” with my 5 piece band to show everyone, how it really was “Back Then”!! ;-) By interest, please contact me here in Germany at my E-mail address: and let’s talk about it!! (My website is: for more information, CD’s and Videos!!) Looking forward to hearing from you!! BTW, my father was the World Famous Trombonist: Tyree Glenn who performed many years with Louis Armstrong right up until his passing!! (I would also love to get over there and visit my good friend. the Singer and Entertainer: Tommy Hunt, who is living and performing in England and with whom I worked with many times back in the 60′s and 70′s in America!!) I am also including here, a copy of my song: “Yesterday”, along with some videos of me “Live” in Germany!! Enjoy and looking forward to hearing from you guys over there!! :-)
    Tyree Glenn Jr. “Live” with my “Big Band”:
    Tyree Glenn Jr. “Live in Da Club”:

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