Real Stars Are Rare Launch

Real Stars Are Rare Launch

Paul Weller Real Stars Are Rare

After months of waiting the time has finally come for the launch of the new menswear label, Real Stars Are Rare. The reason there has been so much excitement surrounding this launch is that it is collaboration between Phil Bickley of West London’s ‘Tonic’ store and the man who has been at the forefront of modernist style and music since the 70’s, Paul Weller.

Real Stars Are Rare

A crossover between “formalwear and sharp casuals”, Real Stars Are Rare look set to launch an Autumn/Winter collection that will interest a lot of people.

The launch date is set for the 23rd of September or for the subscribers to the Tonic it will be the 22nd with free pin badges with all purchases while stocks last.

Real Stars Are Rare offer

Here is what Paul Weller and Phil Bickley have to say on the new site;

Paul Weller:

“The name comes from a line I heard somewhere: ‘REAL STARS ARE RARE… they only come out at night.’

Make of that what you will but I like it and there’s a lot of truth in it!”

“Through music and clothes I was able to peek at new worlds and ways of thinking, imagining,

new prospects and possibilities.”

“Clothes and music, music and clothes, for me they go hand-in-hand. They’ve helped shape who I am.”

“Creativity doesn’t always have an intellectual side. Often it just feels right.

When we considered colours I often found myself thinking ‘yes that just works’.

“I wouldn’t buy a coat because it happens to be cold. I’ll buy it because I love it.”

“We’ve got big ideas and plans. This Autumn/Winter launch collection is just the start.”

Real Stars Are Rare


Phil Bickley:

“We’re extremely proud to launch REAL STARS ARE RARE. What started out as a conversation and a

shared love of clothes has become a stylish, wearable collection. We’ve carefully selected the right

manufacturers to ensure a top quality product.”


Here are a few useful links if you want to find out more;

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