Richard Allen’s ‘Skinhead’ Returns

Richard Allen’s ‘Skinhead’ Returns

Originally finding its fans among young Skinheads in the summer of 1970, Richard Allen’s ‘Skinhead’ novel has since become a bit of a cult classic. Trashy pulp fiction at its best the novel tells the story of anti-hero Joe Hawkins.

Skinhead Richard Allen

Followed up by a number of books culminating including Suedehead, Bootboys, Skinhead Farewell and more, the books are now to see a rerelease on June 29th thanks to Dean Street Press.

Suedehead Richard Allen

Both ‘Skinhead’ and ‘Suedehead’are set for a July release in paperback at around £8.99 and on the kindle for under £3.00. To find out a bit more you can visit Dean Street Press here or have a look at one of our previous posts that looked at Skinhead related books by clicking the picture below.

Skinhead Books

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