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You can now visit the British Subcultures clothing shop, Dead End St, by heading over to DeadEndSt.Co.Uk.

The shop opened in February of 2016 in Kilwinning, Ayrshire and aims to cater for people with an interest in great British Subcultures.

Stocking brands like Art Gallery Clothing, Brutus Trimfit, Weekend Offender, Madcap Clothing, Warrior Clothing, Relco, Hot Shot Wear, Love Her Madly, Supernova Scarves, Modette and Harrington as well as a selection of vintage scarves, handcrafted bags and books by Old Dogs Books.

With a bit of something for everyone from skinheads to mods, scooterists to casuals and Northern Soul fans. We have a growing range of men’s and women’s clothing and hope to be able to work with more brands in the future too.

You will be able to find us at certain events around Scotland or you can visit us instore to see what we have. All of our stock goes onto our online shop too at Dead End St as well. If you don’t see your size or would like to find out if we have a different style please get in touch and if we don’t have it in store we  will try our best to get it for you.

Here are a few pictures of the shop from some of our days where local DJ Tommy Clark comes in to spin some tunes and some of the local scooter clubs can park up outside to enjoy the atmosphere.

Thanks for finding us and thanks for supporting us, remember to visit the shop at

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