Spike Island – 25 Years On

Spike Island – 25 Years On

25 years ago on the 27th of May 1990, thousands of baggy jean and bucket hat wearing music fans descended on a small island in the estuary of the River Mersey to see four guys from Manchester. That island was Spike Island and those guys were The Stone roses.

That day has gone down in music history as the seminal Stone Roses gig and has even been immortalised in the 2012 film Spike Island starring Elliot Tittensor, Nico Mirallegro and Emilia Clarke.

That same year saw the return of John Squire, Ian Brown, Reni and Mani playing together for the first time since the Glasgow Green gig in 1990. Warrington’s Parr Hall was the venue for the warm up before three shows at Manchester’s Heaton Park.

The Parr Hall gig was free to fans that made it in time to pick up wrist bands while carrying band memorabilia. This was all captured by the brilliant Shane Meadows whose Made of Stone documentary focused on the comeback gigs at Heaton Park.

A lifelong Stone Roses fan, Meadows released the documentary the following year cementing a popularity the Stone Roses won’t have felt since their heyday.

Below is a playlist of the Spike Island set (don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel) and some pictures taken by Dennis Morris at both Spike Island and Glasgow Green in 1990.  If you were at Spike Island, Glasgow Green or any of the comeback shows let us know what you thought by commenting below.

Ian-Brown-of-the-Stone-Ro-019Ian-Brown-of-the-Stone-Ro-016Ian-Brown-of-the-Stone-Ro-015Ian Brown of the Stone Rose with fans at Spike Island, 1990Ian-Brown-of-the-Stone-Ro-020 Members-of-the-Stone-Rose-017 Stone Roses fans at Spike Island, 1990 Stones-Roses-fans-at-Glas-006 The-crowd-at-the-Stone-Ro-014


Thanks for visiting the site and remember to let us know if you were at any of the shows. Below are a few other posts you might be interested in.

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