Spirit of ’69

Spirit of ’69

Dr Martens Spirit of 69

Skinhead culture has always been around since it appeared in the late 60′s but has been back in the limelight since Shane Meadows ‘This is England’ hit our screens in 2006, introducing a whole new generation to a subculture that, for some, never went away.

Dr Martens Skinheads

Music, film and fashion has seen an increase in the influence from Skinhead culture that was for years thrown to the wasteland of lazy journalism looking for an evil bogeyman to blame and music labels too cowardly to stand behind artists who were victim to this ignorance. Hopefully this ignorance will now be laid to rest as people make the effort to find out more about the roots of this movement.

Dr Martens Spirit of 69

This week we see the launch of Dr Martens who are getting back to their roots of great British style, teaming up with Brutus Trimfit, Alpha Industries Jackets and Edwin Jeans to release the Spirit of ’69 collection.

The collection includes Monkey Boots, Capper Boots, Shoes and Loafers, Mens and Womens shirts with pocket hankies, bomber jackets and jeans as well as a collaboration with Trojan Records to make a cherry red and black leather record box (I can only find this on the US site though).

If you want to see the collection click HERE, or go to www.drmartens.com for more info.


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    Wycombe skinhead

    Shame the interest only lasted one season,
    Saw you at the great skinhead reunion, brighton for an afternoon, during this campaign. Good luck with the hipster season

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