Street Sound and Style

Street Sound and Style

Last week Channel 4 in the UK premiered Street Sound and Style: Episode 1 which centred on Mod culture, Skinhead culture and Scooterists. There have been a few documentaries focussing on subcultures over the last few years like the Don Letts/Fred Perry collaborations and the Culture Show’s Northern Soul: Keeping the Faith, and Street Sound and Style is up there with the best of them for me.

Running at about 35 minutes the documentary focussed on the music and fashion that have shaped and influenced subcultures both at the time and now with interesting views from revivalists. There is no doubting just how big influence original subcultures have had on modern music and fashion so it was good to see some old footage and pictures being featured, and not just the usual ones that get dusted off for shows like this.


The series will undoubtedly have its detractors but the days of these being subcultures, flying under the radar before surfacing, becoming over exposed and fading back into the shadows are gone. Each individual style will rise and fall in popularity but we are in a time when the lines, in some cases, are becoming blurred with modern day ‘subculture’ style tending to be an amalgamation of numerous styles from over the years.

Street Sound and Style is i-D’s first TV series which has been commissioned by Channel 4 and will run over four episodes. Directed, narrated and edited by Ewen Spencer, the show will focus on all manner of subcultures beyond the Mod and Skinhead cultures shown in the first episode including Soul Boys, Casuals, Punks, Ravers, Goths and more. If you want to catch up on the first episode click HERE, this might be restricted by location though. As well as its current TV release, Street Sound and Style will also see a digital release over the summer as it is broken down into smaller episodes.

i-D itself has been running since the start of the 80’s and found it’s home documenting the London punk era before establishing itself at the front of fashion and style. Now as part of VICE Media it is reaching even further and can be found online. Below are a few links to i-D articles that you may find interesting.

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The next episode of Street Sound and Style will be aired at 12:00am Thursday 21st of May but will also be available on 4oD. The second episode will focus on the 1980’s subcultures of Casuals, B-Boys, Buffalo Kids and early Ravers.

80s Casual Culture
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