The Great ‘Size?’ Debate

The Great ‘Size?’ Debate

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At the moment there is a bit of an argument rumbling involving one of the top suppliers of trainers in the UK and its customers. The complaint is that many loyal Size? customers and Adidas collectors have spent a great deal of time and money only to be let down by the shop.

There have always been stories about people queuing for a new release only to be told that their size has sold out, the issue is when a shop then goes on to use the ‘sold out’ shoes as a promotional tool for the opening of a new shop and charges as much as three times for the trainers it claimed not to have during the original release.

This has left a lot of customers unhappy with one Facebook group, Against Size, already having over 1200 supporters. It has long been a problem that people buy trainers just to sell on platforms like eBay for a huge profit but to, in some people’s eyes, have shops doing this now is a step too far.

Please don’t think of this as a witch hunt, if Size? Want to comment we would be happy to post a statement on their behalf on this site.

What are your thoughts? Please take the quiz below and comment with your views.



Fair play to Size? they have cjhanged how the event will run, go here to find out more.

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