The Moons – Mindwaves

The Moons – Mindwaves

The Moons Band

This Monday the 21st of July, the hotly anticipated 3rd album from The Moons is due to be released and judging by the 2 singles already released it will be impressive.

With 2010′s Life on Earth and 2012′s Fables of History already earning the Nothampton 4 piece a loyal support the new album, Mindwaves, looks to be taking a slightly different musical route to the previous releases and it already sounds great.

Heart & Soul and Bodysnatchers, the two releases, hit you hard with a wall of sound. Loud guitars and a driving drum beat make sure you don’t lose interest as it pushes and pulls you into a world of Glam inspired rock.

New Moons Album

Having not heard anything apart from these two songs I can’t give you a full review and I would be loath to try. I have always thought the best way to find out about an album is to listen to it, not hear someone elses opinion. That said I am excited and have had my copy ordered for sometime now taking advantage of the deal on their site for the new album and tickets to their tour in September. To find out more go to the official Moons site by clicking HERE.

Tour Dates for The Moons

I was lucky enough to catch them in Edinburgh a few months ago and have my tickets booked for the Glasgow leg of their new tour , I can tell you that they are well worth seeing live. I am a huge fan of their earlier work and, as I have mentioned, I am really excited about the musical direction they are taking now.

Here is the advert for the new album, Mindwaves out on Monday, July 21st 2014. You can pre-order Amazon and iTunes but I would recommend going to their site and taking advantage of the Tour ticket/Album package, you won’t regret it.

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