The New Brutus Shirt Release

The New Brutus Shirt Release

Since Brutus came back on the scene a few years ago their popularity has gone from strength to strength.

Branching out from their timeless Trimfit shirts they also have jackets, sta prest trousers, jeans, knitwear and T Shirts but it is the Autumn/Winter 2016 Brutus Trimfit release that is catching peoples attention.

Released in 3 colourways, the Brutus Heritage Red, Brutus Yellow and Black Windowpane and Brutus Claret and Sky Wide Check, the new collection is sure to be popular and quick to sell out.

Released soon the new Brutus shirts will be available at Dead End St Subculture and Vintage clothing in Kilwinning. To shop their current range click on the following link – Brutus Trimfit at Dead End St.

A popular shirt among skinheads, mods and on the Northern Soul scene the shirts being released in time for Christmas will be on everyone’s list.

new brutus shirts 2016

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