The New Cultures

The New Cultures

Subcultures move on and develop; people might go back to what they knew and loved but things move on and though we might focus on Modernism, Skinheads, Casual Culture and Northern Soul here, we can’t forget that there are youth movements happening today.

Jocks&Nerds magazine along with Fred Perry have now got together to create a series of short films exploring subcultures happening now called Young Heads.

Young Heads: New Millennial Subcultures No. 1

No strangers to subcultures, with a history dating back over 60 years, Fred Perry are delving back into the realms of short film after a successful series with Don Letts looking at original subcultures.

The first film looks at London Skaters and you can read more about it by following this link

I’m looking forward to seeing the following films and what cultures they cover. For now you can enjoy the first below;




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