This is England 10th Anniversary

This is England 10th Anniversary

This year This is England will be reaching the milestone of being 10 years old. Originally released at the Toronto international film festival in September of 2006 it wasn’t until April 27th 2017 that British audiences got the opportunity to see it in cinemas across the country.

It can’t be overstated the impact it has had on introducing subcultures to a new generation and with the TV series seeing the characters grow up and develop it has only grown in popularity since its original release.

As with any film depicting a certain subculture or genre it will have its detractors but I don’t think Shane Meadows set out saying, here is a Skinhead movie and this is how it was. It is a more biographical film where he says this is is a film of my experiences and how it happened where I grew up.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary Dead End St subculture clothing are trying to bring together fans of the movie to watch it at 8pm on Thursday April 27th. By live tweeting during this using the hashtag #TIE10 it will hopefully draw the community that has grown around the film together and let people enjoy the film in a different way.

You can find out more about it by clicking here or by following the Facebook & Twitter pages below;



This is England 10 years old


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