This is England ’90 – What We Know So Far

This is England ’90 – What We Know So Far

It is official; we now have a start date for This is England ’90. Sunday the 13th of September at 9:00 pm on Channel 4 we can all tune in to the first instalment of TIE ’90.

Now we know the start date but what else do we know?  To be honest if I had heard spoilers I would keep them to myself because I hate them but everyone has stayed pretty tight lipped which is great. The only information we have got is what we can take from the adverts and what has been put out by the TIE’90 team and Channel 4.

We know it’s in 4 parts, each episode will be set in a different season so any story lines that run through the series might not be as frenetic as previous seasons but I am sure there will be plenty of drama throughout.

We know the last episode is due to be a feature length episode so I think we can count on things coming to a head there, whether storylines are neatly tied up or left open for the possibility of revisiting the franchise remain to be seen.

This is England release

The first episode looks to be set around spring and Kelly appears to be a main focus judging by the adverts. Italia ’90 is bound to feature, I hope so anyway because that was the first World Cup I remember in a big way.

Rave culture is also going to be pretty prominent as well music by the like of The Stone Roses who have already cropped up in the advert and, as I’m sure we all know, are Shane Meadows favourite band.

Whether Lol has found happiness with Woody and the fate of Combo will be interesting to see but beyond that it is all pretty much a mystery.

We will keep you updated with all the latest news, pictures, videos and soundtrack information as it comes to light. In the mean time you can take a look at what we think could feature in the This is England ’90 soundtrack on our YouTube channel, if you subscribe you will hear about all of our new videos first.

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Now we have a start date I am sure press shots, ads and more will be coming soon so don’t forget to keep checking back. Oh yeah, and Woody has a beard.


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