This is England Poll

This is England Poll

It’s been with us since 2006, we’ve seen the characters grow and develop throughout the film and following series and now it’s finally over. There is that little glimmer of opportunity with Shane Meadows refusing to completely rule out a return but, for now, that looks to be it.

This is England has drawn fans from all over the world and you just have to look at how every episode completely dominates social media to see how much it means to so many people. We have definitely got our fingers crossed that more awards will be heading the way of the excellent cast and crew. That’s why we want to know what you think.

This is England awards

The poll below lets you pick your favourite from the series from This is England to This is England ’86 and This is England ’88 right up to This is England ’90. It could be that the film got you hooked or a certain year meant something special to you so let us know by commenting too. We would also love it if you could share the poll so we get as many peoples opinions as possible.

You might also want to take the character poll on our sister site, ThisIsEngland90.Com. You can pick your favourite 3 characters and with hundreds already voting you can see who have been the publics favourite characters. There are also some great pictures, videos and competitions to check out there too.

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Thanks for coming to the site and we hope you take a minute to look around, click on our sponsors and, of course, take the poll.

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    Loved the finalae to This is England. Brought the story full circle, I’m really going to miss the next steps in the life of woody, lol, Sean, Kelly etc though. #poormilky #wherescombo #shedatear #snifbangin

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