Trojan Clothing at Dead End St

Trojan Clothing at Dead End St

With the winter weather just around the corner, the new Trojan Parka has come out just in time. Available at Dead End St subculture and vintage clothing in Kilwinning, Ayrshire and on their online shop you will be able to take a look through some of the other Trojan clothing pieces that have recently been released.

Early Reggae was popular with the Mods and Trojan will always have a loyal following who owe a debt to a lot of skinhead reggae released by the label over the years. Fans are now able to get some great piece from Trojan Clothing and the Parka is sure to be popular as winter draws in.

Along with the Trojan Clothing release came the Wigan Casino Northern Soul clothing range which has proved to be extremely popular with styles borrowing and paying tribute to the glory days of soul music.

To browse the range just visit the links below for Dead End St who now offer international shipping -

Trojan Clothing at Dead End St

Wigan Casino – Northern Soul clothing at Dead End St


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