Womens Fred Perry Spring/Summer ’15

Womens Fred Perry Spring/Summer ’15


We have noticed that in the past we have tended to focus more on the mens side of fashion and brands and we can only appologise for that. We will take the time to look at what options are available for women and we will be kicking that off with a look at Fred Perry’s Women’s Spring/Summer collection for 2015.

A huge theme this season in the womens collection is the Prince of Wales Check. Like the mens collection this seems to be quietly understated with a lot of black and whites and for me the stand out piece is the Prince of Wales Pencil Skirt. This, as well as some great and timeless reissues, will give you plenty of food for thought when it comes to your summer wardrobe.

Remember if you want to read a bit more about Fred Perry click here or view the Mens collection here. You can see the full womens collection on the Fred Perry site or you can visit your nearest Fred Perry Shop.

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