Your Opportunity to Ask About This is England ’90

Your Opportunity to Ask About This is England ’90

Shane Medows - Mark Herbert Bafta

We have a great opportunity for fans of This is England to ask some questions about the forthcoming This is England ’90. With work on the latest instalment of the series coming to an end soon, the brilliant Mark Herbert, Producer of This is England, This is England ’86, ’88 and ’90, has kindly agreed to answer a couple of questions that we send through.

There is a lot of excitement for This is England ’90 which is due to be screened in the UK in September with Shane Meadows having this to say about it “it’s unlike anything that’s come before. It’s four episodes set over four seasons. It starts in the Summer, Spring, and the whole Madchester thing kicking off with the Roses and the Mondays, going into the raves and the festivals. What’s nice is that it looks at the younger members as much as it does—it doesn’t just follow Lol and Woody and Shaun—some of the younger crew start getting into the raves; the whole E-generation stuff like that.”

Warp Films Dead Mans Shoes

As the head of Warp Films he has an incredible list of films that he has produced beyond the This is England series including Four Lions, Submarine, Dead Man’s Shoes, The Stone Roses: Made of Stone, Tyrannosaur, ’71 and much more.

As you can imagine he will be very busy, not only with This is England ’90 but with other projects as well, so we are asking you to send any questions you might have to us at where we can sort through them and pass them on. As we said, he is a very busy chap so don’t get upset if your question isn’t sent on, we will be trying to find the best to pass on.

If you would like to find out bit more about Mark Herbert or Warp films we have added a couple of links below as well as links on here to other This is England posts including our quiz where you can find out what character you would be, Thomas Turgoose took it and got Combo which was pretty amusing.

Warp Films Twitter

Warp Films

Mark Herbert Twitter

Mark Herbert IMDB

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